After mailing enclosed registration form and fee, the course will proceed as follows. I will mail out the instructional manual and a home study test for you to take. Bring the completed test to the classroom session. The classroom session location will be mailed to you with the manual. The classroom session will be on a Sunday morning and cover the following.

  1. Introduction and NRA information
  2. Basic firearms safety rules and range rules.
  3. Description of types of handguns and explanation of terms.
  4. Discussion on various types of ammunition.
  5. Handling various handguns while observing safety rules.
  6. Basic marksmanship.
  7. Home safety and storage.
  8. Discussion of Mass law.
  9. Movie, Home defense.
  10. Correct home test.
  11. Discussion of Personal Self Defense issues.

The range segment of the course will be held at a local indoor range on a Sunday afternoon. Observing all safety rules, we will fire an assortment of handguns from the bench rest and offhand position. We will focus on safety and marksmanship. Certificates will be handed out then.

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